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Personalised Pre-Folded & Ready Folded Napkins


Our greatest ambition here at Foogi is to provide our customers with a wide range of Pre-folded Table Napkins that come in various stylish designs and colours. You also have the opportunity to customize your desired Napkin design and we will ensure to do our best to accomplish an order as per your individual needs.

Table Napkins can also be chosen from a unique selection of beautifully arranged pre-folded folding napkins perfect for any event from large scale catering to more intimate personal venues like weddings, birthdays or corporate events.

Order from an assortment of Personalised Napkins custom designed to suit your next big event.

  • Folded napkin - Cutlery fold napkins 2ply
  • Folded napkin - Cutlery fold napkins 3ply
  • Folded napkin - Finishing Touches 2Ply
  • Folded napkin - Finishing Touches 3Ply
  • Folded napkin - Kimono napkins 2ply
  • Folded napkin - Kimono napkins 3ply
  • Folded napkin - T-shirt napkins - long sleeve Airlaid
  • Folded napkin - T-shirt napkins - short sleeve Airlaid